Anonymous said: ur theory was pretty good!! :) but how do you explain WHY exo had to split in half? because i really dont get it... how do they save the three of life when they are not together...?

Thanks a lot for the feedback! So as to why I think they split up: In the beginning, it wasn’t EXO who split up, but the Tree of Life and the Legends. The Legends split the Tree of Life into two halfes to protect it from the evil forces. You know how in a lot of stories the precious artifact or item is split and the halves are hidden? It’s so that even if one half is found, it doesn’t work without the other, making it harder for any evil to win in the end. As to why the Legends (later EXO) divided: I’m not so sure about that since the narration in “Mama” only stated that the Legends divided into two and created two suns that look alike into two worlds that seem alike. The legends traveled apart. I guess the Legends divided and went to those two suns they created to protect and nurture them the way they did with the Tree of Life, which explains why EXO are scattered across two different worlds at first. The Tree of Life as such doesn’t actually exist for a while until EXO are reunited. So by splitting and reuniting it through EXO as soon as the Legends (EXO) come together again, new roots for the Tree of Life are formed and it’s saved. The new roots become a new world, planet earth.

I hope that helps.

My theory on the meaning of EXO’s three MV’s

What Is Love

EXO are scattered in two different worlds and haven’t found together yet. They do not know of each other’s existence and think that they are the only people on the planet. Some travel together in a pair, others know of one other, yet avoid each other and some are completely by themself. Since they are originally from exoplanet, they receive powers in form of rocks with their individual totems on them or are given their powers by an entity.


After finding their powers and each other, EXO are on earth, but are still unable to use their powers. They are growing closer and uniting as one, while learning to use their powers.


The Legend: It is revealed that twelve individual forces (Legends) had been nurturing the Tree of Life (possible reference to Garden Eden), when suddenly an evil force nearly destroyed the heart of Tree of Life (possible reference to the snake in the tale of Adam and Eve). In an attempt to save the Tree of Life’s heart, the Legends split it in half and hid its two halves (the powers of EXO). This upturned everything and the Legends created two alike suns. They as well divided in halves (EXO-K and EXO-M) and began to nurture the newly created suns and thus travelled apart. One day, when the evil forces would be purified and the Legends (EXO) would reunite, the Legends would create a new root for Tree of Life and a new world would be born.

Current time: The Legends’ reincarnations have found together and therefor, the two worlds EXO were scattered on have united into planet earth. They are able to use their powers and realize the cruelty and injustice in the world, so they ask Mama, probably the entity that gave them their powers, why things are like that and beg Mama to change things.

So this is my theory after watching the videos and looking at the lyrics. What do you think?