When listening to KPOP at school


I open a Kpop MV so Im like this threw out the whole thing

Then someone breaks my exitment by calling them gay

So Im like

”Im watching you betch”

Then theyre like ”Watever theyr all ugly” so Im like


While Im trying to rip their faces off my friends are like

So I just go home and pretend that my teddy is them

Then I go to bed like:

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"Why are you so quiet?"


“Maybe because I fucking hate all of you”.

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When you’re in class and someone asks you for a pencil so you give them the most retarded one you own.


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When you’re sitting in class and the person in front of you has their ass crack out.


^ How girls react to girl cracks.

How guys react to girl cracks:

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same here


same here

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