dongwoon’s hair stuck on beast car window | cr:OJE_990112

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Let’s welcome Doojoon to the #XIUHAREM

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Q: When is your most sexy moment?

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dongwoon has a crush on kyungsoo

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(x) (Trans)

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my dream ^^

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As most of you all know, Beast’s Hyunseung’s father has passed away September 20 due to a heart attack. I know this won’t help him, but I’ve edited a picture of him to wish him and his family well. RIP Hyunseung’s appa and the best of wishes to the Jang family. Stay strong & fighting! This B2UTY and many more have your support!

I’m seriously worried about him. Something like this takes a long time to handle. Depending on the person, it could even take years. But Hyunseung is an idol and can’t just take several months off to deal with this. He’ll have to go on, so he won’t be able to just take his time to properly handle this. I hope it won’t be too hard on him. Hopefully he’ll manage anyway.

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because junhyung


because junhyung

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When I miss you 
When I long for you even more
I blankly lay there, blankly lay there
Eventually, not going to sleep

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